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Section 1: Personal Information. This section is for basic information that will allow us to understand who you are.


A gender pronoun is a word used instead of a person's name to refer to them. It indicates their gender identity. Common pronouns are "he," "she," and "they," but there are others like "ze" or gender-neutral pronouns. It's important to use the pronouns someone prefers to respect and include them.


Section 2: Project Information. This section helps us understand your idea for the Activation Space you are proposing.


Please state names, or if they are organizations we can start to build a connection plan for you.


What will the grant be used for? Please provide General budget categories for eligible expenses. 

Eligible Expenses include:

  • Project Materials including technology

  • Project fees

  • Gas, mileage and Transportation (of Activation Space) fees

Ineligible expenses include: 

  • Materials/equipment not related directly to the project

  • Monetary gains of participant

Thanks for contacting Vision Us. We'll be in touch shortly.

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