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Connect The Block

Connect. Dream. Act. Thrive!

Community Partner:

Municipality of Chatham-Kent

What is Connect The Block (CTB)?

CTB is all about connecting people to ideas, resources, and each other!

Why is CTB needed?

Connect your neighbourhood with already existing resources,

Spread awareness of already existing events in neighbourhoods,

Support new relationships and connections between neighbours,

Inspire new neighbour-led activities and events!

How do we keep this fun?

To keep your group strong and connected, we've set up a good plan. We make time for updates, meals, and getting to know each other. We do fun activities to bond and understand each other better. We also make sure to recognize what each of us is really good at and how that helps our neighbourhood. We also switch up our meeting spots to keep things interesting. We meet at different local small businesses and places in your neighbourhood.

How does CTB accomplish this?

CTB hosts an three initial meetings that invites any interested members to join from a local neighbourhood to discuss expectations, aspirations, and opportunities for their community. CTB is a Municipal project, designed to support community-identified goals with connections to MoCK resources and departments. Follow up meetings will be scheduled to invite those interested in leading the change to set priorities, plan, and take action!

The meetings are designed to set you up (i.e. build capacity) for this to become a fully independent, unique to your neighbourhood/community initiative.

Download the brochure under More Info to spread the word in your neighbourhood!

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