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Volunteer Portal

Revolutionizing Volunteering.

Community Partner:

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The Background

Our partners are having a hard time keeping and getting new volunteers. They usually have events during the day, when some people can't join. Also, the usual way they ask for volunteers isn't very exciting, so not many people want to join in.

We're ready to change things up and make volunteering way cooler and more fun. Time to come up with a new way for folks to get involved and help out in awesome ways!

The Ideas

Introducing an innovative volunteer portal designed to bridge the gap between individuals and organizations.

Here's the scoop: participants showcase their unique skills and capabilities, while groups and organizations can directly reach out to them for tailored volunteer opportunities. The concept revolves around departing from the conventional open call for volunteers, and instead, we're honing in on individuals who are not only enthusiastic about contributing but also available according to their schedules and giving back based on their skills.

The spotlight is on precision, connecting the right people with the right causes, at the times that work best for them. Say goodbye to general calls and hello to a personalized, efficient way of giving back to our communities.

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