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Activation Space Grant

Transforming Spaces Together.

Community Partner:


Crowfest and the City of Chatham, in partnership with Vision Us, are providing a grant of up to $1250 to five deserving grantees who are passionate about creating Temporary Activation Spaces for Crowfest. These spaces will serve as vibrant gathering spots and comfortable rest areas during the festival, with the exciting potential for permanent residency in other prime locations throughout CK.

As a committed partner, Vision Us will also extend comprehensive support to the grantees. Our dedicated team will offer assistance, including brainstorming sessions to refine ideas, planning and budgeting support, and help sourcing resources. Moreover, we will facilitate networking and partnering opportunities, connecting grantees with relevant stakeholders to further amplify their success.

This collaboration represents an extraordinary chance for community-driven initiatives to flourish, transforming public spaces into dynamic hubs that resonate with the festival's spirit. Join us in this venture as we pave the way for innovative activations that leave a lasting impression on both residents and visitors alike.

Download the brochure in More Info to spread the word and get involved!

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